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2022 Printed Wall Calendar {02} Black Smoke: Ultra Organized Mom's Calendarity™

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2022 Black Smoke: Ultra Organized Mom's Calendarity™

Printed Wall Calendar: 11" x 16.5"


This calendar is printed on demand and shipped right to your home, ready for you to hang on the wall and start planning your year!The Mom's Calendarity™ line of planners is a modern take on the classic 'Mom Calendar.'

What makes this calendar so great?

- Easy to use and understand
- Simple to plan out your entire month at a glance
- Simplified design allows you to focus on what matters most
- Ideal for Mom's with young children
- Great for those looking to simplify their lives and save time

What is the "Mom's Calendarity™?"

It is a line of printable planners, digital planners, and printed on demand wall calendars that help Mom's gain CLARITY in their daily, busy lives. We all know how mentally demanding it is, to always be thinking about what your family needs and has planned, let alone your own plans as well. 
Getting a solid plan for each new month is your first step towards feeling more organized. This line of planners are designed to help Mom's feel on top of the never-ending 'to-do list,' so they have more mental energy for actually enjoying each day!

Features of the 2022 Printed Wall Calendar 'Ultra Organized Mom's Calendarity™ Planner'

A printed on demand, physical January 2022 - December 2022 wall calendar will be delivered right to your door, ready to hang up and begin planning out your families day to day needs/activities

This amazing calendar has spaces for you to plan out each new month right on your calendar. It is the ultimate way to keep your family on track, without sacrificing looks and quality! This is not your typical 'Mom' calendar!

- 20 designated spaces for brainstorming your meal ideas for the month. Transfer the meal into the calendar date below once you decide  what day you want to eat each meal on. OR simply write the # to represent the date you will cook that meal on - in the circle beside your meal planner section.

- 4 large planning spaces for planning out your family 'To-Do' List, with blank coloured title bubbles for ultimate 'to do list' personalization for your families needs. 

- A 'please get' section for quickly jotting down things you need to remember to buy or pickup throughout the month. 

- A 4 week chore chart - for helping kids (or other family members) to stay on top of chores throughout the weeks of the month. 

- Kids Schedule section - keep track of up to 4 of your kids unique schedules with spaces for adding their names and recording activities/assignments, or other special events for the month. 

Other features:

  • Paper: 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-glossy silk paper
  • Hanging hook for hanging calendar flexibly
  • Sturdy wire-binding
  • Printed on demand
  • For 2022 January to December

How to order?

- Add the calendar to your shopping cart, fill out your shipping information and excitedly wait for your new, best planning tool to arrive!