About - The Briar Patch Designs

Welcome to The Briar Patch Designs

I am so thrilled to welcome you here! 

My name is Amy and I am the creator/owner of this little shop.

The Briar Patch Designs is the Storefront for my blog ~ "The Briar Patch" where I help Mom's find "Beauty in the Tangles of Motherhood."

To learn more about my back story, and who I am as a person, feel free to check out the About Me page on my blog!

More about the Store...

The Briar Patch Designs was created when I discovered that I had a passion for creating 'digital products' that where designed to serve a specific purpose in the task of helping Mom's create more organization and purpose in their daily lives. 

Creating both digital and printable products that can help Mom's to gain some clarity in the tasks required to keep all aspects of their families, and their own lives running as smoothly as possible. In the crazy busyness of this world, and #MomLife in general. 

It can be hard to keep all your tasks juggled perfectly when you're always worrying about the needs of others. And not taking much time to actually create schedules, systems, and purposeful routines that would actually help you to calm the chaos, can take a toll on your already full brain. 

So take a look around, and see what tools we have available, that may help you to create some beauty again in the day to day organization of your family life. So that you can spend more brain power absorbing the beauty of Motherhood. Rather than feeling constantly caught up in the messy tangles of the 'managerial role' of keeping your household functioning smoothly. 


Thanks so much for stopping by, 

Make sure to contact me (Amy) if you have any questions, or want to connect.